Planet Cruz Comedy Saturday, November 21st 7:30 PM

Planet Cruz Comedy will touch down again at the Rio Theatre Saturday, November 21, 2015, 7:30 PM.


Planet Cruz is a comedy/variety show with the finest progressive standups in the country, along with comedy sketches about the state of Santa Cruz, all to the beat of the Planetoid Band. We welcome comedians and musicians…

Will Durst  America’s foremost political satirist

Swami Beyondananda  arriving by magic carpet

Joe Klocek San Francisco comedy phenom

Milt Abel   Uncle Milty schools Santa Cruz

Sven Davis Santa Cruz’s gift to humor

Peter Cor and the Planetoid Band (all carbon based life forms as far as we know) Rhan Wilson, Matt Bohn, Olaf Schiappacasse

Alan Heit    The Doctor of Soul will heal us with the funk

Tickets and information: or Streetlight Records, Tomboy.

Think globally, laugh locally,

Richard Stockton

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Tickets online:

Here’s four minutes of Richard Stockton from the 2014 Planet Cruz Comedy Hour


planet cruz 11.23.13


We can no longer ignore the threat from space.

America’s foremost nerd comic Saturday November 23, 2013 at the Rio Theatre 7:30 PM

On November 23, 2013 Planet Cruz Comedy is proud to welcome America’s foremost nerd comic, Don McMillan (Tonight Show, Grand Prize Winner Star Search). Here is a new & expanded version of Don’s 2008 YouTube hit “Life After Death by PowerPoint”.

It’s pretty damn brilliant. 

November 23 Planet Cruz also welcomes comedians, humorists and musicians…

Johnny Steele               (Mr. San Francisco Comedy)

Don McMillan              (Too Much Information, Technically Funny, winner Star Search) 

Clark Taylor                 (Louisiana comedy storyteller)

Brendan Lynch             (Santa Cruz grown comic with a brilliant, unique voice)

Dirk Stockton               (songwriter trying to live down the family name)

Sven Davis                   (Santa Cruz’s gift to humor)

Zach Friend                  (too funny for a politician)

Peter Cor and the Planetoid Band (all carbon based life forms as far as we know) Rhan Wilson, Dan Robbin, Kevin DiMoto

Tammi Brown              (goddess of soul)

Alan Heit                      (ain’t he funky now?)   

The Spaceman and Yoga Girl (see him fall for her …into the bushes at the Post Office)

Bring friends, laughter is contagious! 

Butch Baker and Zach Friend in Space Bust

Here is the video Space Bust that we produced at the police department with Butch Baker and Zach Friend. They both appear about one minute into the video, Butch trying in vain to remove The Spaceman’s helmet. Butch really liked to laugh. 

Backstage Last Planet Cruz

Kirby Scudder (The Muse, SCICA and hopefully therapy) has produced this three minute documentary about the last Planet Cruz, all shot from backstage. Scudder was turned loose with a video camera to roam backstage at the last Planet Cruz, shooting cast and crew. The soundtrack is Alan Heit singing “Roll With It Baby” with Tammi Brown and the Planetoid Band. 

Planet Cruz Comedy will come back to the Rio Theatre in November. Cast and crew is excited. More coming as it unfolds.See ya in November!