Buzz Daly Ponders Planet Cruz

Planet Cruz welcomes long time Bay Area funnyman, Michael Meehan to Opening Night of the “Return To Planet Cruz” comedy/music performance at the Rio Theater, 8PM, November 17th.

As many know, Michael is a well seasoned artist who has performed tirelessly in the Bay Area for years in many venues.

He also works with his Brothers, Chris and Howard, at times, in a hilarious 3 man-laugh team.  Their work has been featured on “Last Comic Standing” where they advanced to the finals.

Please view his clip from the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, posted earlier, for a small taste of this man’s innovative comedy stylings.

Michael is a multi-talented individual and is also an accomplished artist and sculptor, specializing in turning discarded items into clever works of art.

Michael informed me earlier this week that he is currently working on a feature length comedy film being shot in San Francisco.  It will feature many, many, area performers and is, according to Michael, about 20% complete.

The film is loosely based on his recent one man show, “Hey Monster, hands off my City”  and will include performances by Michael Pritchard, Johnny Steele, Reggie Steele, Michael Pritchard, Reed Kirk Rahlman, Greg Proops, Steven Pearl, Howard and Christopher Meehan, and as many SF comedians as we can fit in a 90 minute comedy feature.

If you observe anyone walking around Downtown SF in strange looking Monster costumes that is probably Michael and friends filming.  But, in San Francisco, you never know, eh?  It could just be someone out showing off their latest gear.

Don’t miss Michael’s act, November 17th at the Rio. 

You never really know what to expect with Mr. Meehan.  He is a true original.

That’s always good.



Teresa Tudury, a multi-talented comedy, music and acting veteran, and former performer with the old Planet Cruz Comedy Hour, is an important element of the Opening Night crew of the upcoming “Return To Planet Cruz” comedy/music extravaganza that introduces the NEW Planet Cruz to the City we LOVE.  It will be at the Rio Theater on November 17th, 8 PM.  The Spaceman Cometh.

I recently had a chat with Teresa from her Northern California home where she is living the good life, enjoying nature, being good to sometimes annoying, needy, Kitty Kats, and working on a new CD, that will be in production soon in The City.

Teresa is stoked to be returning to perform for her Santa Cruz fans, at a new venue.

Not only is Teresa an accomplished musician and comic, she has also acted professionally and performed with some notable personalities, including such greats as Leonard Cohen, Rickie Lee Jones, Lyle Lovett, Taj Mahal, Leo Kottke, Charlie Musselwhite, Stevie Coyle and Bonnie Bramlett.

For those who may not be aware of Teresa’s impressive career and many talents, I could go on and on.  Her Bio link is posted at end of article.

Can’t wait to see you perform again, Teresa.  Those who haven’t seen you are in for a treat.

Additionally, Teresa’s work is also timely, socially relevant, and addresses the underlying issues of the day.  Even the underlying undergarment issues nobody else has the courage to address.

This clip says it all………………………. Click on “Chinese Underwear”.

Teresa tells me the song is still undergoing some necessary changes, as all underwear does, and needs a bit of cleaning up, so to speak.    A final version will be included on a new CD that will be available soon.

Do yourselves a favor, Planet Cruzans, and those who wish to be.   Do not miss Teresa’s performance.  

Her radio show, “Live from the Doublewide”, can be heard here:

Tuesdays, 8–10pm, Pacific Time, KOWS 107.3 FM  streaming at:

She will be joined at the Rio, by an excellent accompaniment of successful mirth makers, including:

Kellen Erskine (America’s Got Talent), and, seasoned veterans Michael Meehan and Paul Lyons.

Also, Planet Cruz Regulars, Sven Davis and Police Department Spokesmodel and County Supervisor, Zach Friend will lend their unique comedic and oratorical skills to this great show.

The Planetoid Band, Rhan Wilson on guitar, Olaf Schiappacasse on drums, Matt Bohn blows bass and Peter Cor on keyboard, a supertight crew of experienced musicians will kick some ass as they always do.  That is a constant and has not changed during our hiatus or venue change.

I will be offering interview/biographical information on the above mentioned comedians in coming weeks here.  Check back.

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot.  Richard Stockton, the Dude who makes it all happen, will be there too.

And the Spaceman will set us straight on a lot of things.

Later, my PC (Planet Cruz) friends.

Buzz Daly

Teresa’s Bio: