Planet Cruz returns to the Rio Theatre November 2013

Cast and crew are excited. Crazy Santa Cruz videos are being produced. See ya in November. 

Don Reed comes to Planet Cruz in November

Tonight Show’s Don Reed, the first African/American to be the warm up comic for the show, will bring his physical comedy and huge spirit to Planet Cruz for the upcoming November Planet Cruz. Check out this classic HBO video.

Johnny Steele returns to Planet Cruz March 23. Here’s stand up clips from years of his television and theatre appearances…

Johnny Steele video compilation…

Nov 23rd Planet Cruz welcomes Brendan Lynch, plus The Spaceman Falls For Yoga Girl

Planet Cruz Comedy Nov 23rd welcomes the edgy and brilliant young voice of Brendan Lynch. Brendan is a Santa Cruz native who is taking the San Francisco comedy scene by storm. 

Brendan Lynch smaller

Our latest video, The Spaceman Falls For Yoga Girl will start the show. Check out the gripping and heart wrenching opening scene here…

 …and come see the exciting conclusion at Planet Cruz November 23rd


November 23 Planet Cruz also welcomes comedians, humorists and musicians…

Johnny Steele               (Mr. San Francisco Comedy)

Don McMillan              (Too Much Information, Technically Funny, winner Star Search) 

Clark Taylor                 (Louisiana comedy storyteller)

Brendan Lynch             (Santa Cruz grown comic with a brilliant, unique voice)

Dirk Stockton               (songwriter trying to live down the family name)

Sven Davis                   (Santa Cruz’s gift to humor)

Zach Friend                  (too funny for a politician)

Peter Cor and the Planetoid Band (all carbon based life forms as far as we know) Rhan Wilson, Dan Robbins, Kevin DiNoto

Tammi Brown              (goddess of soul)

Alan Heit                      (ain’t he funky now?)   

The Spaceman and Yoga Girl (see him fall for her …into the bushes at the Post Office)

Think globally, laugh locally,

Richard Stockton